Mobile Subscription Info API

Gives corporate customers overview of their mobile subscriptions - in their own systems

Corporate customers can do the following via the API:

  • Get subscriptions
  • Get selected agreement products
  • Get products that can be ordered
  • Get invoice accounts
  • Get subscriptions pr account
  • Get user, invoice and account references

Get started

Get overview of your company's mobile subscriptions

Reduce time and cost administrating subscriptions

Improve data quality by not manually update info in different systems

Secure that every employee has the mobile services your internal policy says

Prices for Mobile Subscription Info API (NOK)


Establishment price 0,-
Monthly price pr. subscription 1,-


Establishment price 50000,-
Monthly price pr. subscription 2,-

Want to make a solution for resale?

Using our Vendor APIs you can develop solutions for resale to customers, letting them manage mobile subscriptions and other services from Telenor, in their own systems. Your customers will need a Connect product, made for your solution, from Telenor to access their own data. Please contact us for more info on how to make a Connect product.

Prices for Mobile Subscription Info API Vendor (NOK)


Establishment price 0,-
Fixed monthly price 1500,-


Establishment price 10000,-
Fixed monthly price 3000,-