Mobile User Info API

API Reference

This API lets your app retrieve the following data: phone number, name, date of birth, e-mail and address. This can be used to fill in forms automatically, and thus create a more smooth customer journey in your app.

The customer data can be accessed after the user allows your application to retrieve data on his/hers behalf, using  OAuth.

  1. To obtain end user consent, the end user s device must be turned on and have a valid SIM-card, your app needs to use a cross site Ajax call to a Telenor service. This code example and technical walk through demonstrate how this works.
  2. Your app can display a button or other symbol that will allow the user to initiate filling out the form fields automatically.
  3. User is routed through the consent flow.
  4. If you get the consent, you will in the end have access to retrieve the customer's info.
  5. You call get user-info and populate the user's form.

For developers, the raw swagger doc for the whole API product can be found in one place here


GET /user-info/v1/users Returns info about the user of a subscription

Implementation notes

Returns the user info for the specified user based on the consent given.


  • Authorization*
  • The authorization header containing the access token. See the oauth-v2 API for how to obtain the token. Example: "Authorization: Bearer 065d160140eea13e72cde31a7b857bbfa37390e5"
  • header
  • string

Response class (Status 200)

The mobile number for the subscription where the mobile user information is fetched from
The name of the user
Information about the address of the user
The birth date in ISO-8601 format.
The email that the user has defined as the email address to be contacted with


The given name of the user
The middle name of the user
The family name of the user


The street address
The number of the street
The entrance code, or "oppgang" in Norwegian
The postal code
The postal location
The country for this address
The users address formatted to be presented directly instead of building the address from the other fields
  "mobileNumber": "4790807060",
  "name": {
    "givenName": "Donald",
    "middleName": "Arthur",
    "familyName": "Duck"
  "address": {
    "streetAddress": "Otto Nielsens veg",
    "streetNumber": "12 A",
    "entranceCode": "2",
    "postalCode": "7052",
    "postalLocation": "TRONDHEIM",
    "country": "Norge",
    "formattedPostalAddress": "Otto Nielsens veg 12 A\n7052 TRONDHEIM"
  "birthDate": "1982-11-25",
  "emailAddress": ""

Error responses

Bad Request:
Error code 40001 - Missing or invalid enduserId
Error code 40101 - Invalid resource
Error code 40102 - Missing authorization header
Error code 40103 - No API product found
Error code 40104 - Not authorized to use given MSISDN
Error code 40105 - Invalid access token
Error code 40106 - Access token expired
Error code 40107 - Basic authentication not allowed for external access or not allowed for client
Error code 40108 - Invalid client id or secret for basic authentication
Error code 403001 - Invalid user info
Error code 40301 - Invalid scope
Not Found:
Error code 40401 - Path or method not found
Error code 4042000 - Path or method not found on back-end server
Too Many Requests:
Error code 42901 - Rate limit quota violation
Error code 42902 - Spike arrest violation
Internal Server Error:
Error code 500001 - Internal server error
Error code 500002 - Internal server error
Error code 500003 - Internal server error
Error code 50001 - Internal Server Error
Error code 50002 - Failed to validate acr
Error code 50003 - Failed to validate subscription
Service Unavailable:
Error code 503001 - External server error
The Try-It functionality is only available when logged in to the portal.