For these APIs the OAuth Password Grant Type is used.

To use this, you need the following: client-id, client-secret, username and passord. You get the client credentials when you register/order your app, and the username and password can be created by an API administrator in Min Bedrift.


A minimal curl-example to authenticate with the api is given below (replace the client-id, client-secret, username and password with your own):

If you were successful using the correct credentials, running this example will return a valid access-token that you can use to make calls against the APIs you have access to.

For a more in-depth explanation of the authorization and authentication flow, consult the OAuth documentation


To change a user reference on a mobile account try the following curl:

A full example in Java can be found in our GitHub Repo


When the access token is obtained the app can access the available endpoints for this specific API.