News about our APIs


New API features and improvements March 2024

Telenor has come with a few updates to our APIs. Details are found in the documentation, here are the highlights.  

In Mobile Order API it is now possible to get a summary of the product changes when validating an order – before the actual change order is placed. The summary includes price changes that comes into effect when the order is placed and products that are automatically added or removed.

IoT Order API is updated with new features. The most important changes are added subscription information: data usage, subscription status, IMEI-information and active add-on-products.

For service Ticket API and Fixed Order API, Attachment is replaced with Files and the method for posting an attachment is deprecated. Other new features are:

  • Support for LU-number (line equipment)

  • Validation of an order (without running the order)

  • Richer information about installation address


Important: New subscription type when transfer to private subscription in Mobile Order API April 2023

Telenor has launched new mobile subscriptions for the private market. This involves some changes for API customers using the Private Owner Subscription Transfer feature, and the changes are effective immediately.

The new private subscription is already available in the Mobile Order API, all clients must use the new subscription ID when initiating a transfer to a private owned subscription.

In order to avoid having to adapt to changing IDs for private subscriptions in the future, we have chosen to make a small change in the Mobile Order API: When transferring from a business to a private subscription, we have chosen to make the parameter that specifies the ID for the private subscription optional. This applies to order type "TRANSFERNUMBERPERSONAL_OWNER", parameter "subscriptionTypeId". If not provided, the default private subscription ID is used in the transfer order. It will still be possible to use the API as it is today, i.e. look up the correct ID and send it with the transfer order.

Contact API Expert team if you have questions about this change.


Mobile Order API improvements September 2022

Mobile Order API is updated with new functionality. A summary of the most important changes:

  • Added Alternative contact information to all subscriptions. Alternative contact can be an e-mail address

  • Improved error messages, for instance:

    • Wrong MSISDN format on porting orders

    • Wrong Date format for porting orders

    • Birthdate

  • Change subscription is extended with add and remove add-on products

  • Added validation of add-on products and settings for some order types

  • Improved response when porting or transfer is not possible

All details are described in the Mobile Order API documentation.


Validate and verify your orders before placing the actual order March 2022

Mobile Order API is updated with new functionality for validation of orders – without placing the actual order. Use this to verify the parameters before placing an order, or during your development phase as a sandbox or verification method. With the validate-method, you will get extensive response-information that might be useful in your development phase.

In addition we have a few new features in the Mobile Order API. In summary:

  • Enhanced search methods

  • Added search for SIM-cards

  • No longer possible to use “,” (comma..) in user reference fields

For details about validate and the new features, read the full Mobile Order API documentation.




Service Ticket API new event type February 2022

We have updated our Service Ticket API event engine with a new event action type named SHARED. It is already available and ready for subscription. As opposed to the event action type CREATED, SHARED will be used where Telenor raises a case ticket and makes it visible to clients during the process of error correction. SHARED is used to notify clients about a ticket that is made visible for the client.

For details about this and other event-types, read the full Service Ticket API documentation.


Telenor updates Terms and Conditions for API December 2021

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the API experience. This year we have updated the APIs with more functionality and data. To support these improvements, and also with regards to the compliancy of the current privacy legislation, we have made a few updates and clarifications in our API Terms and Conditions. 

 A summary of the key updates:

  •  A general clarification of the relation between these terms and Telenor’s general terms and conditions for business customers

  • A clarification of confidential information (section 16)

  • A clarification of dispute resolution (section 22)

  • For Vendor and Connect Terms and conditions, a clarification regarding Right of use (section 2)

The updated Terms and Conditions
Read the full Terms and Conditions which will be applicable from the 1st of January 2022. For more details, visit our developer portal.