The Mobile Device Info API returns the following data on mobile devices used in Telenor's norwegian mobile network:

  • Technical details: Device model, manufacturer and TAC* value.

  • Capabilities: Support for HD Voice, LTE (4G), LTE Advanced, Voice over LTE, Voice over WiFi, NFC.

Explicit consent from the customer using the device is required. The consent solution is a part of the API.

The API returns data on mobile devices used by our customers, even when they are roaming in other mobile networks.

If the devices are on WiFi, the users have to type in their mobile number and answer yes on a USSD dialogue before data is returned.

*(The Type Allocation Code (TAC) is the initial eight-digits of the 15-digit IMEI.)

Personalised communication and offers to your customers!

Do you know what mobile devices your customers are using? Even if they are accessing your site via their laptop? - Tailor your communication and offers to your customers, using the Mobile Device Info API.

You can easily fetch information about your customer’s device from Telenor’s databases. It only takes a few clicks, to get the customer’s consent, and the information is automatically transferred to your site.

Why use the Mobile Device Info API?

  • Tailor communication and offers to your customers - to increase sales

  • Let the customer check their mobile model and its capabilitites