The API returns the following data on Telenor Norway's mobile users: mobile phone number, name, date of birth, e-mail and address.

Consent from the mobile user is required and the consent solution is a part of the API.

The API returns data on our mobile users, even when they are roaming in other mobile networks.

If the users are on WiFi, they have to type in their mobile number and answer yes on a USSD dialogue before data is returned.

Makes customer registration super simple!

Do you lose your customers when they have to fill out their contact details?

Your customers can easily fetch their contact information from Telenor's customer base. It takes a few clicks, to get the customers consent, and the information is automatically transferred to your site.

Why use the Mobile User Info API?

  • Simplify customer registration – to reduce drop off rate

  • Personalise content and offers – to increase sales

  • Update customer contact details – to improve the data quality of your customer base